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The Cameroon Digital and Innovation Center (CDIC) or Digital Economy Development Center (CDIC) is an infrastructure (space fitted out and equipped with technological tools, information systems and advanced electronic communication networks) that aims to support the development process of the Cameroonian digital entrepreneurial ecosystem by promoting the creation of a local digital industry and the development of applications "made in Cameroon".
Its main vocation is to support the ICT project holder, from the idea to the viable company
I- Strategic missions
- To offer project leaders a framework conducive to the expression of creative genius;
- to develop a local digital industry;
- To provide solutions to the needs expressed by Cameroonian companies in search of technical solutions;
- encourage the creation of ICT companies & support the development process of companies;
- setting up technological relays between entrepreneurship, research, SMEs and multinationals;
- promote a global environment favourable to innovation by involving the various wealth-creating sectors in the activities carried out by the CDIC;
- provide solutions to the thorny issue of start-up financing;
- attracting foreign direct investment.

II- Organisational units 
The CDIC is a specialised incubator with the following structures
- An incubation unit
- A professional training unit
- A job portal
- Structural units
o Contact centre
o White room
o Connected classroom
o 3D prototype laboratory
o Co-working space
o Editing/creation studio
o Conference rooms / meeting rooms
o Cafeteria

III- Support process for project leaders : 
III.1 Missions of the incubator
The CDIC incubation unit has various general missions that cover the promotion, awareness-raising, detection, selection and support of project ideas. In detail, these are
- Raising awareness among various audiences;
- Detection and reception of project leaders;
- Training and upgrading of project leaders;
- Maturation of projects: assistance with support, drafting of business plans, prototyping and mock-ups;
- Fundraising and financing of start-ups;
- Formalisation and installation of start-ups
- Commercial development and competitiveness of start-ups
- The organisation of events to promote innovation.

III.2 Incubation process (different stages) 
- Reception - Admission
- Incubation (maturation of the project)
- Development of the company and "go down
- Strengthening the competitiveness of the company for its take-off (cruising speed).